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Alumni Filming ~ Summer Term

The Through Our Eyes Heritage Project is working with four local schools to document their schools' history. Children are taking charge as budding filmmakers, uncovering the hidden stories and memories that have shaped our schools over the years, preserving them for generations to come. Interviewing alumni is an integral part of this project, giving a more personal and unique perspective to the children's research; from collecting school day memories to exploring the social impact of entrance examinations in Bexley since WWII.

On Saturday 29th June we began filming with alumni and welcomed Jamie Moreland (alumni of Burnt Oak Juniors / Hurstmere) and Paul Parkinson (alumni of Bexley Grammar) to the studio, to be interviewed by some of the e2e Crew. The interviews went very well. We had already prepared the questions, but welcomed the interviews taking a conversational exchange and tone. The e2e Crew filmed, mixed and interviewed incredibly well, making our guests feel welcome and at ease – a testament to them all as Jamie is a BBC News Journalist now and on TV himself!

It was a pleasure recording their school day memories and seeing our alumni connect with others on social media, explaining more about their experience and encouraging others to get involved.

Both our guests were happy to share their experiences with others on social media to celebrate their involvement in the project and help us to find other alumni.

Since then, the crew have interviewed numerous alumni from all of our partner schools, either in the studio or as part of a visit to their school.

Many young people have had the opportunity to be a part of our project team so far; with guidance from professionals, they have used broadcast equipment to capture a personal perspective by interviewing alumni and those who may have worked there. Capturing school day memories covering various decades since WWII – literally discovering and creating history simultaneously. Here are a few photos showing our fantastic team in action!

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