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Musicians Assemble!

The Through Our Eyes Heritage Project has reached a crescendo as primary and secondary schools came together during the Autumn Term to showcase their musical talents and celebrate the rich heritage of our partner schools. Spearheaded by a dynamic team of professional musicians, the project has provided a unique platform for pupils to tell the stories they have learnt so much about, through music. Giving pupils the chance to consider a narrative in a new way, empowering the young composers to blend their newfound historical knowledge with the magic of composition. Pupils from all of our project schools worked with the music team; taking the research already collected from the history and film part of the project to use as stimuli to inspire their original compositions and deepen skills across the genre.

"It was really exciting playing different instruments and the best thing ever hearing the whole composition come together at the end of the workshops!" Year 4 - Burnt Oak Junior School

Leading this project are the acclaimed composer Fraser Trainer and the Head of Bexley Music, Julie Stanning. Fraser Trainer is a composer and workshop leader with over twenty years' experience who has worked with some of the world’s leading arts organisations. Julie Stanning is the Head of Bexley Music who provide high quality music education for local communities across Bexley and beyond. These talented individuals are the perfect pair to lead this exciting musical project with tenured experience and fruitful passion on their side.

Original composition inspired by the pupils' research

The musical talent working on this project doesn’t stop there! Jeremy Jackson is the director of many choral workshops across the UK and overseas. He believes that no matter what level people start from, with a calm atmosphere there is the chance to explore music, contemplate it and come away replenished and eager to put into use what has been learned. Jeremy has composed an original piece of music directly from the children’s research influenced by significant periods in time from WWII to the present day. It is going to be performed by Bexley’s Youth Orchestra at the project launch at Hall Place and Gardens in February for the very first time!

By merging the past with the present, the young musicians have not only composed beautiful music, they have woven together a meaningful tapestry of stories that will resonate for years to come. They will be used as soundtracks for the legacy films produced by end2end TV as part of this innovative project and be added to the Through Our Eyes heritage collection, which will be donated to Bexley Archives at the end of the project.



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