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Important information about the project

This page will show you important information about the Through Our Eyes Heritage Project; from filming permissions, core values like sustainability, evaluation and how we will store and use your data.

Finding Alumni

School children are taking charge as budding historians and filmmakers, uncovering hidden stories and capturing memories that have shaped our schools over the years. Multiple generations are welcome to participate. We are also hoping to investigate the social impact of entrance examinations through the lens of the young people themselves.

Find out about the ways you can get involved and our filming days by emailing:

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Green Screen Technology

Innovative green screen technologies will be integrated with this project, to help bring history to life and join generations together in new and exciting ways. Young people will have the opportunity to discover and create history simultaneously. 


Arts Award

As an Arts Award centre, end2end TV mentor young people in the Arts Award process, to enable them to be recognised for the development of their technical and communication skills, as well as growing awareness of the arts and nurturing leadership skills.


The young people we work with during this project will ALL achieve the Arts Award certificate.

More information about the Arts Award can be found here.



We are committed to making sure this project limits damage to the environment and instead makes a positive impact. You can find out more here.

Digital Exhibitions 2024

An interactive digital exhibition will be launched at Hall Place & Gardens, Bexley in February 2024. This will be the very first digital exhibition of its kind held in this historic venue, and will run for a month. We look forward to celebrating the young people of Bexley and starting a conversation all generations can join in with. More details will be released soon.

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Filming Permissions

Participants in this project will need to sign a filming permission form. Please email:

How we will store and use your information

Details can be found here.


Project Evaluation

As a National Lottery Heritaged Funded project it will be evaluated independently throughout its timeframe: May 2023 - December 2024. Find out more here.

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