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What measures will you take to increase positive environmental impacts and decrease negative environmental impacts?


We are committed to making sure this project limits damage to the environment and instead makes a positive impact. We realise to do this we need to share best practice in the most sustainable way and have joined 'Fit For The Future' so we can further understand ways in which we can ensure this project does this.


'Fit For The Future' connects up organisations of all sizes so we can talk to others; both learning from their good practice and sharing our ideas too. As our project involves working with young people, we will have a small group of 'green champions' in each school taking part, who will receive training to support our aims to reduce our carbon footprint. These green champions will combine their digital skills with their new sustainability knowledge to work alongside the children taking part, encouraging a change in behaviour within the heart of the project.


We aim to:

1. Recycle everything possible

2. Aim to repair equipment, rather than replace it

3. Ensure all our TV location equipment is powered by rechargeable batteries

4. Use low power LED lighting, instead of tungsten

5. Buy consumables locally and celebrate local businesses in relevant promotional material

6. Use cameras that use solid state technology, which uses far less power than cameras with moving parts

7. Encourage car sharing and the use of public transport

8. Use less paper and more digital resources

9. Enable people to watch the films online without having to travel to see them, due to the digital nature and storage of video

10. Use the minimum number of devices needed to edit film and manage digital media, marketing, promotion and administration

11. Be explicit in our sustainability ideals publicly, encouraging others to consider their perspective and change their behaviour.


We have consulted with the Albert Project (specialists in TV & Film sustainability) to ensure the best environmental outcome possible using the Albert Toolkit.

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