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Recreating History

The Through Our Eyes Heritage Project isn’t just a history lesson; it's a journey for young people to discover the rich tapestry of their school's past for themselves. Through thorough research, interviews, and exploration, pupils have delved into the stories, anecdotes and personal experiences that have shaped education over the years.

Recognising the need for a dynamic and engaging approach to present alumni conversations, end2end TV have teamed up with Vital Thread Productions. Josh Alward, a BAFTA-nominated filmmaker and actor, together with Eilidh McCormick, an actress, director and drama teacher, have been supporting the project's storytelling through various media. Young people have been working on exciting drama activities, both on location and in the studio, recreating moments in history.

Pupils have worked with Eilidh to act out sequences inspired by their research and the many alumni conversations conducted throughout this project. Skillfully directing and capturing the Primary School drama sequences has enabled a much wider number of local young people to be a part of this local history project, both as young actors, but also as mentees. Better understanding the art of acting by learning alongside industry professionals.

The collaboration between end2end TV and Vital Thread Productions has significantly enhanced the Through Our Eyes Heritage Project, creating an additional dynamic and engaging hands-on learning experience for pupils. By leveraging technology and storytelling, young people have been given a unique opportunity to immerse themselves into the history of their schools, refreshing archive material and capturing school day memories in vibrant, digital formats. Fostering a sense of pride, connection, and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

In the studio, the crew were professionals behind the cameras, helping to film the digital material. Truly stunning footage captured by young people which is being turned into legacy films that will be donated to Bexley Archives for people in the future to learn from and be inspired by.

This project is most definitely in the hands of young people - four schools, a selection system, many viewpoints, lots of conversations and a digital legacy in the making. Whether you loved school or have a different opinion - this digital exhibition is not to be missed! Multiple generations have been involved in this project, but it's the young people across Bexley who are bringing it to life, ready to be launched early next year in The Stables Gallery, Hall Place & Gardens, Bexley!


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