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Hurstmere School Autumn 2023

The Through Our Eyes Project is launched at Hurstmere School in Sidcup!

Pupils visited Bexley Archives to find a collection of historical documents and records that hold the key to understanding the heritage of Hurstmere School. Pupils explored these archives to unearth the stories, photographs and artefacts that would breathe life into their documentary. With the guidance of archivists and teachers, the boys learned how to sift through documents, analyse records and piece together the narrative of their school's history.

Pupils also created their very own scripts, writing the narration that will guide viewers through the school's history as a well-crafted script is essential for a clear and informative documentary. This process used the information they had gathered from Bexley Archives and required a creative touch to make it engaging for the audience.

The behind-the-scenes work at the studio was a meticulous process. They worked in a professional studio setting, learning the ins and outs of production and storytelling. The studio was equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, providing the students with an authentic experience of the filmmaking process. From setting up cameras and lights for interviewing alumni who used to go to their school, to ensuring that the interviews and narrations were perfectly recorded, the students embraced the technical aspects of filmmaking. The Through Our Eyes Heritage Project has provided pupils with the opportunity to connect with their school's past in a meaningful way, using modern tools and techniques to tell a compelling story.


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