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Bexley Grammar School Autumn 2023

The Through Our Eyes Heritage Project has launched at Bexley Grammar School in Welling, the fourth school in our project partnership! The project has brought together students who are on a mission to uncover and preserve the rich heritage of their school. Every successful heritage project has its foundation in solid research, and that's where Bexley Grammar School's students began. Their journey into the past started with a visit to Bexley Archives, where they took a deep dive into historical records, documents, and artefacts related to their school. Students learned about how to conduct historical research and the importance of preserving history. They looked over old photographs and documents and have gradually pieced together the story of their school's past.

As well as the historical knowledge they have gained from Bexley Archives, students have a book written by an ex-teacher to refer to as well. They are writing their own scripts, turning their knowledge into a compelling narrative essential to creating a successful documentary; story telling crafted by harnessing careful planning, creativity and research. Students will decide on the structure of their documentary and choose key moments to highlight in order to create an engaging dialogue that captivates their audience.

In a unique professional studio setting 'on location' using end2end TV's outside broadcast unit, students will experience the filmmaking process to record their documentary later this month.


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